Written by Cindy Voitus and Bridget Ofori

I mean 25 years!…I don’t know how old you are today but when I was here 25 years ago I was here to play Techno!
Time Warp is an institution for quality, lifestyle, and love! Thank you for everything!
This guy here…you know this guy Steffen Charles [founder of Time Warp], we were at my previous club in the ‘80s, he was on the dancefloor and he said to me, ‘One day I want to make the biggest techno festival!’”, such are the words of Sven Väth at the end of his set on one of the main stages of the festival. These words, reveal the spirit of Time Warp.


Sven Väth – Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus


The 25th edition opens with Chris Liebing‘s countdown at the entrance to the Maimarkthalle in Mannheim, a city near Frankfurt. Let’s partake in this 19-hour non-stop Techno gathering with the crème de la crème on 7 stages!
Transcend time and space as you listen to notable recurring headliners such as Laurent Garnier, Sven Väth, Solomun, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin … follow the path to the energetic vibes of Amelie Lens, the notable B2B set with Helena Hauff alongside Nina Kraviz, as well as the ardor of Charlotte de Witte. The Time Warp family is ever growing, and everlasting!
This sheer bliss shining on Laurent Garnier’s face, as he takes charge of “Floor 5” for 7 hours, instead of the initial 5 hours! This stage has a special feature, its translucent roof showers all present with glorious sunlight, magically turning night into day as Garnier plays with passion.
Dancing and immersing your body and soul in a musical universe for 19 hours non-stop alongside others from France, Portugal, the United Kingdom … and Germany is reminiscent of the famous “We dance together, we fight together” because Time Warp gathers about 18,000 ravers who peacefully dance and come together as one.

Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus
Adam Beyer – Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus
Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus
Carl Cox – Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus
Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus
Pan-Pot – Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus

“Every year, the line up is always the same” — Despite the criticisms such as this, Steffen Charles says “oh well” in an interview with Jordan Rothlein from Resident Advisor in 2015, “Time Warp lineup has always relied on artists with whom the team builds strong long term relationships with”.
Time Warp was born in Germany in 1994. For 25 years, friends gather on stage and festival-goers enjoy their love for music, and everyone finds their happiness in one space, many stages. Running the same festival for this long generates a great expertise based on hard work and great efforts. It develops into a safe bet.
Time Warp is an annual rendezvous, for the public and the musicians, and has survived the competition for more than two decades! The aim isn’t about diversification (by proposing other styles of music) but maximizing technical & artistic knowledge and maintaining lasting relationships with all the headliners to carry the concept beyond Mannheim (Time Warp Italy in 2011, TW Buenos Aires in 2016, TW São Paulo in 2018…).
To live so long in a musical landscape where festivals are made and disbanded as quickly as the breath of the wind is truly an amazing feat!


Adam Beyer – Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus
Solomun – Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus
Amelie Lens – Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus
Maceo Plex – Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus
Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus


Let’s look back on this 25th edition of Time Warp Festival through the eyes of a festival-goer named Romain Brignier:

“It’s been six years since techno has become one of my greatest passions. When I saw the poster for the 25th Anniversary of Time Warp, I did not hesitate before asking my best friend to join. I remember an episode of ‘It Is What It Is’, in which Laurent Garnier played the set he recorded at Time Warp. He recounted with emotion the atmosphere that reigns under this glass dome in Mannheim when the sun rises and the dancefloor gets caught on fire.
With the tickets in our pockets, the plan was simple: departure on Saturday at 3 p.m. from Paris, return at 8 p.m. the next day. No hotel room just earplugs. We arrive with one thing in mind: 5 a.m. Laurent on the ‘Floor 5’. Oddly, everything went by very fast. We took on a series of sets: Recondite, Pan Pot, Adriatic, Carl Cox, Maceo Plex, Amelie Lens… And now it’s 5 a.m., Mannheim wakes up and we head to ‘Floor 5’ to live what will become the most beautiful musical moment of our life!”

Laurent Garnier. DJ Karotte (left). Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus

The first lights of the day appear and there Laurent plays for us…Laurent plays with us. He drops this remix of Jean-Luc Ponty “Computer Incantations for World Peace” at around 6:30 a.m. and I am transported to another dimension. As the “classics” warm up the crowd: Donna Summer, Oxia, Guy Gerber, Satoshi Fumi and all Laurent Garnier’s legendary tracks: “The Man with the Red Face”, “Jacques in the Box”, “Crispy Bacon”, people sing, dance, look at each other and smile. At that moment we all begin to realize that we’re living something big.

Then there is this special half hour, the last thirty minutes, when I completely broke down… hearing Joe Smooth, Larry Levan, Sylvester, Kolsch, was fatal to me. Tears roll down my cheeks, cooling my face, as I am astounded by the sheer beauty of this moment. I am a kid standing in front of his idol. I want to remember every second of this half hour so I turn and look at the faces, the ceiling, the sun. I say to my friend, I hope you realize that what we’re living right now is incredible!

Just when we think that everything will stop, one of Time Warp team member asks Laurent Garnier to play for one more hour!
The organization starts giving away T-shirts, which read “Thank you Laurent for 25 years!”. This is literally a piece of the history of electronic music that has just been written right before our eyes. That’s crazy!

It’s about to be the closing of his set but we wanted it to last forever. Laurent is still here! He plays the tracks from his first Time Warp. In the midst of it all, I recognize “Hardfloor”…we are definitely immersed in history. A story that finally ends in a huge merry mess where everyone loses ground and shakes their head as MISTER GARNIER closes his set with “Out Of Space” by Prodigy.

It is noon. I collapse on the floor to immortalize everything with my eyes. I try to savor every second. It will take me a few hours to fall back and maybe my life to recover.”


Time Warp 2019: In the den of a Techno giant celebrating its 25th anniversary! | Pan-Pot. Maceo-Plex (left) – Time Warp 2019 © Cindy Voitus